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ERC Concepts Co., Inc. a Sunnyvale, California provider of precision machining, assembly, silver brazing/tig welding, helim leak checking services for the Medical, Analytical, Laser industry and Denfense.


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Precision machine

Precision machining is a procedure that removes excess, primary material from a workpiece while holding close tolerance finishes to develop an ended up item.

Leak checking

Leak testing belongs to the top quality process in production. It is vital when a part or hermetic product is designed to hold fluids or gases up to a defined..


Welding is a production procedure generally used to sign up with two steel components together. This process is done by melting the two work surfaces..

Silver bracing

Bracing is taken into consideration as a high-temperature variation of soldering. There are several brazing versions: torch bracing, vacuum cleaner bracing, heating system brazing, and induction brazing....

Precision assembly

Precision assembly is a sophisticated commercial approach of producing procedures and strategies, such as precision metal cutting and tooling, that creates similar high-precision ...

Precision manufacturing

Precision manufacturing defines eliminating a product from a sheet or block of product to form wanted shapes. Unlike in the early days when hammers...

Wire EDM

In Wire EDM, an electrical discharge is created between the wire and the workpiece. During the trigger process, a trigger is sent out from the fastest range between a single strand of the material,.